3 Reasons to Choose All-Star Experts

1. Mold remediation services will keep your home safe

Whether you often deal with mold growth or this is your first time noticing spores, you can’t afford to procrastinate on mold removal. All-Star Duct Cleaning specializes in residential and commercial mold remediation in the Manassas, Fairfax, VA and Loudoun County, Virginia area. Our company researches the newest mold strains and works hard to protect Virginia, Maryland and D.C. communities from mold related health scares.

The longer you keep mold around, the more susceptible you are to headaches, tremors, fatigue and hives. Contact All-Star at (571) 429-3865 to schedule your mold remediation services. We’re proud to offer before and after photos – free of charge.

2. Our technicians use HEPA-certified equipment

Our licensed and insured company strives to be ecofriendly. Our HEPA-certified equipment is the only equipment recognized by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and is guaranteed to remove 99.97% of the debris in your duct system. We use green products to seal out moisture and prevent future mold growth.

Still not sure if All-Star Duct Cleaning is the Manassas and Loudoun County, VA mold remediation company for you? Consider these reasons to choose us:

  • Our technicians receive continued education
  • We constantly research new mold strains
  • We offer punctual and professional service
  • You’ll receive free before and after photos

All-Star even has exceptional insurance coverage that enables us to work with local colleges and schools. No matter how big your organization, we can help. Homes and businesses in the Manassas, Fairfax, VA and Loudoun County, Virginia region are safer thanks to our mold remediation experts.

3. All-Star Duct Cleaning is registered with the EPA

While certifications aren’t necessary in every state, All-Star likes to excel in the air duct cleaning field. We hold four certifications and keep these up-to date year to year and follow all state and local county codes. We are also registered with the EPA and the National Air Duct Cleaners Association. Put your building in safe hands when you call us for mold remediation services.

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License # 1855
Certificate # CMR0000026194

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