Are you Aware that the Air Ducts are the Lungs of your Home?

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The side effects of continued exposure to dirty air ducts and mold include:

  • Fatigue and tremors
  • Memory loss
  • Low-grade fevers
  • Headaches and sinus problems
  • Skin rashes or hives
It is recommended that you have your air duct cleaned every two years. Air Duct Cleaning can help increase longevity of your HVAC system, help with allergies, pet dander etc. Call All-Star at (571) 429-3865 to schedule an air duct cleaning service for your residential or commercial system.
How Do I know I need a Duct Cleaning? If you can answer yes to any of these following questions:

  • Is anyone smoking indoors?
  • Can you see or smell mold or mildew?
  • Do you have pets in the home?
  • Are there leaks or standing water in the home?
  • Are household chemicals, paints or solvents stored indoors or in an attached garage or basement?
  • Is there an attached garage or basement where cars, lawnmowers or motorcycles are stored?

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It's time to eliminate airborne contaminants

Our company uses "Hepa Filtrated" equipment only for our air duct cleaning services and vent cleaning services, which is approved by the EPA, to contain all debris from the air duct system. Mold, dust, construction debris, tar from cigarettes, insect fecal are some of the regular things we find in air ducts. Look at your air ducts as the lungs of your house. Thats why it is important to keep up a routine maintenance on them. Families spend alot of time alot of time indoors cooking, washing & performing normal daily living tasks which contribute to the build up in the air ducts. Airflow through out the home circulates the particles and airborne matter leading to the ducts. All-Star Duct Cleaning regularly assists local:

  • Gyms – nobody wants a membership for a moldy facility
  • Daycares – children’s bodies are especially vulnerable
  • Schools – your students should focus on learning
  • Laundromats – don’t lose clients to mold
  • Restaurants – contamination will shut your operation down
  • Colleges – residence halls require extra TLC

All-Star is licensed and insured to keep your facilities clean and mold-free. We use high quality equipment that’s HEPA-certified.

While having your air ducts cleaned we recommend having them sanitized as well. Our company uses a "Green" product to kill mold, bacteria, viruses, fungal whiling it freshens the air in your home. It is registered by the EPA as being a green, effective, safe solution. A point of contact application is applied. It eliminates odors at their source through a chlorine dioxide release-process that destroys organisms at the origin. We use a fogger and apply directly to point of contact. You can be in the home while the application is being applied.

When our children get sick we only want them to get better. Coughing & sneezing can cause germs to become airborne finding a way to possibly live in your duct system. Our company recommends a air duct cleaning every 2-3 years and changing your filter every 1-3 months. Our pets shed air and dander we cant always see with our eyes. Our animal friends contribute to duct contamination.

“Sick Building Syndrome” (SBS) is a term used to describe the negative side effects that seem to come from a person living or operating in a certain building. Do you know someone whose health is directly impacted by spending time in a specific house or office? If so, request more information from All-Star’s Manassas and Loudoun County, VA mold remediation company. We complete thorough air duct cleanings for Maryland, Virginia and D.C.

When Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) levels are poor, you’re more likely to suffer from “Building Related Illness” (BRI). BRI is the term used when symptoms of an illness are identified and directly attributed to airborne building contaminants.
Our techs do a walk through checking each vent for mold, rust etc. Then we check the air duct system for mold, water damage, debris and check the air filter. From start to finish our techs will explain the air duct cleaning and vent cleaning processes to let you know upfront what to expect.

Cigarette smoking indoors not only pollutes your air ducts but also your home. The thick tar from the nicotine settles on the air trunk lines, air vents, HVAC filter and everything in your home leaving a bad odor behind. The tar settles on the air filter causing a restriction in flow. This could damage your HVAC systems internal components.

Don't just settle for a company that can not show you what is in your system. It's easy for a home owner to just go with what the tech says because they don't understand or can't see the problem. That is why our company shows all of our customers what is inside their system, our air duct and vent cleaning services give home owners a chance to see what is in the " lungs of their home". Call All-Star at (571) 429-3865 to get your indoor air serviced.